Canine Intelligence…

With the Auckland SPCA currently teaching 3 mixed breed canines how to drive a car, I thought this would be a great opportunity to write about canine intelligence! Researchers have found that dogs are capable of much more than we’ve ever thought possible. Studies have shown that some pooches can understand up to 250 words […]

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Asthma in cats….

Did you know that cats could get asthma? “Paddykat” (pictured here) has asthma and, as you can see, looks no different from any other happy and contented cat! Not so when he was first diagnosed. Paddykat was coughing and his breathing was laboured. We needed to rule out other possible causes of his symptoms before […]

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Pet Insurance…..Do you have it???

Pet insurance is basically the same idea as human medical insurance. It is perhaps even more important in pets as there is no safety net of state-funded medical treatment for animals. Harsh as it sounds, it can help reduce that financial risk of having to choose between a huge bill or picking elective euthanasia because […]

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pet of the month

June Pet of the Month – ‘Ratty’

June’s pet of the month is “Ratty” an 18 year old cat (that’s about 84 in human years!) At least some of Ratty’s success is down to her owner Tracey’s nursing care: Ratty has a long-term liver problem which requires frequent trips to the vets for treatment. “Ratty” has a condition known as “triaditis” where […]

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You are what you eat…..

Our pet’s appetites can be as different as they are. There is the Labrador whose food doesn’t even touch the side of their mouth it is wolfed down so quickly, to the cat who will only condescend to eat if the can has been freshly opened in front of them. And then there are all […]

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Understanding Feliway and DAP

When looking for solutions to cat issues such as marking, urinating outside the litter box, aggressiveness, fear or anxiety, we will often recommended Feliway. Feliway is a liquid product, available as a spray or plug-in diffuser, that contains synthetic copies of feline facial pheromones. This scent produced helps calm anxiety in cats. Cats secrete pheromones […]

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