You are what you eat…..

Our pet’s appetites can be as different as they are. There is the Labrador whose food doesn’t even touch the side of their mouth it is wolfed down so quickly, to the cat who will only condescend to eat if the can has been freshly opened in front of them. And then there are all the others in between!

The food that we feed our pets affects their body in a number of ways. A diet deficient in the basics can lead to:

  • a dull coat, low energy levels,
  • lots of soft faeces to clear up,
  • excess wind,
  • tartar build up which then necessitate dentistry,
  • weight gain or weight loss, and
  • even smelly breath!

There is a huge range of pet foods available from pet shops, supermarkets, web site etc. The choice is be immense and it can be difficult to know if what you are feeding is best for your pet. Not all pet foods are the same. Just because it is the same bag of food, does not mean that the ingredients are the same bag to bag – is this why kitty is turning her nose up at it?

At Newstead Vets we stock the world’s top 3 brands of premium dog and cat food. They are Hills Science Diet, Eukanuba/Iams and Royal Canin. The ingredients in these foods have clinically proven health benefits.


Benefits to your pet include:

  • coat improvement visible within a few weeks of starting so that your pet has a lustrous, shiny coat.
  • less faeces to pick up as more of the food is absorbed and it will be firmer and easier to pick up!
  • teeth will be cleaner
  • breath less smelly
  • less wind produced
  • ideal body weight if fed correct amounts for the individual animal

Benefits to you include:

  • a money back guarantee if your pet will not eat it,
  • a loyalty card with 1 bag free for every 10 purchased giving you a 10% discount with each purchase.
    • Nutritional advice by our trained nursing staff to help you with your choice.
    • Purchase from our on-line shop and get free freight on orders over $100 at www.newsteadvets.co.nz

It has long been perceived to be expensive to feed your pet on premium food but it is surprisingly affordable.

  • A cat can be fed on as little as 90c a day with Iams, and
  • A 15-20kg dog can be fed on as little as  $1.40/day with Eukanuba.

We challenge you to see how much you are currently spending on your pet each week!

 SPECIAL – Mention this article in clinic and get a FREE Angry Bird Toy with any bag of premium food purchased! (expires 31st December)

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