Pet Insurance…..Do you have it???

Pet insurance is basically the same idea as human medical insurance. It is perhaps even more important in pets as there is no safety net of state-funded medical treatment for animals. Harsh as it sounds, it can help reduce that financial risk of having to choose between a huge bill or picking elective euthanasia because the vet account is entering into the thousands after your beloved dog was hit by a car and fractured its femur.  So, rather than making the decision to put your pet to sleep than incur a large debt, this could all be prevented by paying a relatively small monthly fee……

Pet insurance has become the norm  in many countries around the world. However, it still remains a rare feature in New Zealand, with only a handful of pet owners taking advantage of pet insurance policies. There are already signs of this changing with a number of different pet insurance companies, policies and varying degrees of coverage becoming available nationwide. And already Kiwis seem to be moving away from the ‘She’ll be right’ mindset and getting to grips with the reality of unexpected illnesses and injuries.

Each plan has its own pros and cons, and each must be carefully examined (especially the fine print) so that you can select a plan that’s best for you and your pet. A well-chosen plan can give you the peace of mind that your pet will be able to get the best medical care regardless of cost.

Plans can start as little as $16.70 per month for cats and $24.85 per month for dogs.

With pet insurance you can reduce your veterinary expenses with straight-forward plans to suit your needs with set insurance premiums and pet insurance cover for the lifetime of your pet. Usually the insurance also offers a discount for additional pets.

How much longer can you afford to put off getting pet insurance?

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