Buster inflatable collars‏

For greater comfort and practicality!

We’re loving the Buster inflatable collars for dogs. Cheap they may not be, but we think they’re great value-for-money.

Has your hound ever needed an Elizabethan collar? They are indispensable in many situations: both where we need to prevent dogs licking or chewing their body or legs, or to stop them scratching their faces.

Some typical situations include: (i) after surgery to prevent self-mutilation of an operative wound (ii) with eye or ear disease where rubbing and scratching by your pets simply makes things worse (iii) with “hotspots” on the body or face; these are common especially in the summer, and the dog can rapidly worsen them overnight before you get a chance to go to the vets.

In most of these situations we apply the traditional Elizabethan collar, a.k.a. “lampshade”, “cone of shame” and they generally work very well. But anyone who has experience with them will no that they are far from convenient!

Dogs crash into doorways with them, make dents in peoples’ legs with them and even sometimes get downright depressed from having them around their necks! To make matters worse, they don’t always last long because they get so beaten up. If this is the case, and your dog needs the collar on for an extended period, or repeatedly on-and-off throughout the year then an inflatable collar is the perfect solution.

Buster inflatable collars fit like a doughnut around your dog’s neck and are moon-shaped with an adjustable Velcro strip. Because of the position and shape of the collar, they cause much less annoyance to your pet, and do away with damage to your legs and furniture! Access to the face and ears especially is simple, if for example you need to put ear drops into your dog’s ears. The outer is waterproof and easy to clean. They are durable and long-lasting: you may never need to replace it.
Being inflatable, it can easily be deflated and stored flat to take up less space, when not being used.

Order yours online today. Comfy dogs and comfy people!

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