Microchipping – Peace of mind if your pet goes missing

We are all aware of the need for our dogs to be microchipped for registration, with farm dogs being exempt. However, a number of our clients are now microchipping their cats as well.

Cats are known to be nosey and get into cars or garages, or wander off and can get lost etc. If your pedigree puss or all-round moggie goes missing then you can have peace of mind that when they are found, you can be re-united with them.

Dogs have to be registered with the local council. However, where we live there are 3 local councils (Hamilton City, Waikato Regional and Waipa) all close by and if your dog gets picked by a council that they are not registered at, you have to try to communicate with all of them to find your dog. What happens if you have a cat microchipped? Who do you give their details to?

One easy solution is to join the Companion Animal Register which was formed by a number of animal welfare groups coming together, including NZVA, NZKC, SPCA and NZCF. The site is managed by the New Zealand Companion Animal Council and the profits go to fund New Zealand Animal Charities.  For a small one off fee, approx $15, your pet’s details, whether cat, dog, bird or horse, will be uploaded for life and if they are found then they will contact you. The site is operational 24/7. Remember when you move, to update your details with the register so that if your pet goes missing, they can find you!

Microchipping is safe, quickly done and offers lifetime peace of mind for you and your pet, what ever species they might be.

Microchipping update :  

Did you know that microchips can very occasionally malfunction and stop working, no-one knows why?

Pop down to the clinic and let one of the nurses check that your pet’s microchip is working. We offer this service for free to give you peace of mind.

 If you have any questions or would like to book your pet in for microchipping then please feel free to call us so that we can discuss your needs and arrange an appointment

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