Life Jackets and DOGS!

Don’t All Dogs Swim?

All dogs swim just fine, right? As a matter of fact, no. Some dogs just don’t take to the water at all well. Breeds with low body fat like Doberman, Pinschers, Greyhounds and Boxers can have trouble in the water.

Older dogs may tire easily and breeds prone to hip dysphasia may have difficulty swimming. Hypothermia can be a threat to some breeds of dogs when they are unduly exposed to cold water. All dogs can get fatigued, too, and/or become disoriented.

Fear and anxiety in the water, as when a pet falls in unexpectedly, can hamper normal respiration and swimming ability as well. Waves, undertows, currents and fast-moving rivers can overtake even the strongest swimmer. Wearing a life vest may be the difference between life and death.

Doggy Life Jacket - Yellow

If you’ve ever had you dog experience any of the above situations, chances are you’ve thought about the advantage of having your pooch in a life jacket.

No matter how well a dog can swim under supervision, any dog can drown.

Life jackets change the way dogs float and the added buoyancy should certainly always help a tired dog. Pet life jackets are designed to float the animal in a horizontal, swimming position, with head up, out of the water.  They are also designed to not interfere with the dogs swimming ability.

Life jackets should be considered valuable flotation aids, not essential life-saving devices. A pet life jacket will help your dog stay above water until rescued. Once you get alongside your dog, the useful handle on the top of the life jacket will help you either retrieve the animal or lead it around to an area where it can re-board the boat or land on its own. neoprenedogfloatcoat_blueandyellow

So, do dogs need life jackets? Only the dog’s owner can make that decision. After all, this is one case in which you are your dog’s best friend…..

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