Indorex Flea Control Range

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Indorex Flea Control Range

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Aids in the control of adult fleas in carpets, furnishings and pets bedding; obtaining an average 85% control for up to 1 month. For 12 months flea larvae control: inhibits flea development with efficacy of 100% for 12 months after application.

HOUSE PACK: 5 x 100ml Foggers and 1 x Target spray. Treats up to 180m2

INDIVIDUAL 150ml FOGGER: Each fogger treats up to 40m2 of house

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Product Description

Permethrin is neurotoxic for insects. It produces a significant increase in spontaneous activity of their central and peripheral nervous systems by perturbation of the ionic transfers through the axonic membrane. Piperonyl butoxide inhibits enzymes required for the oxidative and hydrolytic degredation of permethrin, thereby extending the period of knockdown and increasing the efficacy of flea killing.

Pyriproxyfen is a new generation juvenile hormone analogue which acts by mimicking arthropod growth hormones, thus delaying or disrupting the moult process.

Pyriproxyfen prevents incubation of the egg, the metamorphosis of larvae into pupae, and (provided exposure occurs prior to the cocoon forming) pupae into adult .

Pyriproxyfen will also render adult fleas infertile. Pyriproxyfen is a very photostable molecule, as demonstrated by its very high efficacy for the claim period.

The best time to use Indorex is IN THE SPRING (September/October). This will stop the first generation of fleas from reproducing and attaining large numbers at the beginning of Summer.
Repeat treatment each spring, or when signs of reinfestation appear.

To ensure good flea control the flea breeding cycle must be attacked at each point. Products from the Virbac flea range are specifically designed to be used together to achieve this.

  1. Treat all pets in the household with a quick knockdown product such as a suitable shampoo, rinse, spray, powder or foam.
  2. To keep killing fleas and prevent flea eggs re-infecting the surroundings, Duogard Line On can be applied every two months.
  3. Vacuum carpets regularly and discard debris. Treat furnishings and carpets throughout the home with combination I.G.R. treatment (Indorex Fogger, Indorex Target and Indorex Spray).
  4. For concrete surfaces, regular cleaning (preferably washing or hosing) is advised. Concrete will soon inactivate both insecticides and I.G.R’s.
    It is often best to use foggers and inverted aerosols in combination. This allows a better result than from either product used alone, by giving the best coverage of all carpet, furniture, under bedding etc.


A flea can produce up to 400 eggs in its lifespan of 2 -3 weeks, which fall from the cat or dog’s coat. Eggs develop very readily in carpet, bedding or (dry) soil.
In warm, moist conditions, eggs hatch within a few days into larvae. The larvae feed on organic matter, including the “flea dirt” or dried blood material also shed from the coat.

Larvae are extremely sensitive to the I.G.R. pyriproxyfen, which interferes fatally with their development into pupae.

Flea pupae can remain unhatched and unaffected by treatments for many months. The adult flea emerges from its pupa in search of a blood meal – this protein source is needed to allow it to lay eggs.

Permethrin aided by the synergist, piperonyl butoxide, can kill the adult fleas before they have fed and laid eggs.

Exposure to pyriproxyfen deranges each stage of the fleas’ reproductive process.

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House Pack, Individual 150ml Fogger


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