Flat Roof Kennel


Flat Roof Kennel

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  • glazed pine
  • mineral surface roofing felt
  • hinged roof
  • legs protect against damp and cold from the ground and provide good air circulation below the kennel
  • feet adjustable in height provide secure stand
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Product Description

This dog house has raised feet in order to protect your dog from the cold and wet ground, and also promotes good air circulation inside. The raised feet have an extra plastic covering to protect them from the damp. The overhanging and weatherproof flat roof protects the house from drafts and the rain, and the roof can be locked open towards the back.

This simple to assemble house is made of a weather and winter-proof stained pine, and the kennel is very easy to clean.

Important: The dog house should not be so large that the dog cannot maintain a warm and comfortable climate by utilizing its own body heat.
Tip: In order for your dog to feel especially comfortable inside his new home we recommend placing an insulating blanket inside.

    Size M

  • Outer dimensions: 33.5in x 22.8in x 22.8in / 85cm x 58cm x 58cm
  • Inner dimensions: 29.5in x 19in x 17in / 75cm x 48cm x 43cm, suitable for ex: Huskys and Border Collies
  • Size of entrance: 8.7in x 13in / 22cm x 33cm (WxH)


    Size L

  • Outer dimensions: 41in x 26in x 28in / 104cm x 66cm x 70cm
  • Inner dimensions: 36.6in x 22.4in x 21.7in / 93cm x 57cm x 55cm, suitable for ex: Labradors and Chow Chows
  • Size of entrance: 12.6in x 16.9in /32cm x 43cm (WxH)


    Size XL

  • Outer dimensions: 45.7in x 30in x 32.3in / 116cm x 76cm x 82cm
  • Inner dimensions: 41.3in x 26in x 26.3in / 105cm x 66cm x 67cm, suitable for ex: German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers
  • Size of entrance: 13.4in x 19.7in / 34cm x 50cm (WxH)


Please note: Without care, timber will dry out and can become brittle, warped or shabby. Please ensure your pet home is regularly cleaned and treated. We recommend treating dens and kennels which will be used outside with wood care and impregnating products. Always make sure products used are suitable and harmless for pets. Placing the pet home in a sheltered spot will also help to reduce wear.

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Medium 85x58x58cm, Large 104x68x72cm, XLarge 116x76x82cm


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