With summer just around the corner, we always see an influx of clients into the clinic needing flea treatment. Fleas are the most widespread external parasite for pet owners worldwide. Fleas not only annoy cats, dogs and people but can carry disease and cause other health problems.

Fleas carry tapeworm which can cause an allergic skin condition in cats called Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD). Fleas may also cause secondary skin infection and anaemia in kittens, older and also immuno-suppressed cats. Severe infestations may even lead to death. Flea-related diseases account for over 50% of skin disease cases reported to veterinarians. The vast majority of these conditions could be prevented by the regular use of a fast, effective flea treatment.

Fleas have four main stages in their life cycle: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The total flea life cycle can range from a couple weeks to several months, depending on environmental conditions. The warmer the conditions, the faster the cycle.


To put an end to your flea problems for good, you need to treat your pets with a registered flea product frequently. Flea infestations don’t happen overnight, they actually begin in the home 6-8 weeks before you even notice a flea. Once they’ve finished the early stages, adult fleas hatch and jump onto your pet in order to feed, and lay more eggs. It takes only one flea to start a nasty infestation.

Treating your pet is the first step towards solving the problem, but those first flea stages, already in the home, are just getting started. So as long as you treat your pet at least every six to eight weeks, then any new fleas landing on your pet will die within a few hours, meaning they won’t be able to breed. Treating your pet consistently means fleas that your pet come into contact with outside the home will also be killed and your home will then always be protected.

We stock a number of brilliant flea treatment products in-clinic, or simply buy now from our online shop. Get on top of fleas now to ensure a happy pet – especially over summer!

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